Tynwald High School.
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One artist was once asked ‘’what is Art?” His response was also a question “What isn’t it? “ It is in view of  
this, that Art has become a vibrant department at Tynwald.
In 2011 the school attained membership with the National Art Gallery. This has put the department to a  
higher level which has seen some of the pupils from the school working with highly ranked international  
Artists like Dario Basso a Spanish painter who is one of the top ten artists in Spain.  
Besides that the school has had a chance to work with different embassies like the embassy of Spain, Japan  
and India. Apart from this the department has worked with a private company called Mapped. The company  
specializes in handmade paper and recycling waste materials to make paper. This also resulted in the  
department coming up with own hand made World Cup Trophy Replica.
Pupils in this club are kept busy with a variety of activities . They have gone to an extend of show casing at  
the Art gallery of Zimbabwe.